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david stahl

March 15th, 2008

Making It Personal

I’d like to introduce you to a man that has class, truly a man of character and honor…David Stahl. For over twenty years David has been a personal and professional relationship. He has flown internationally to do shows, events and meetings in my place–generating rave reviews every time. We have mentored each other and grown our trade show Infotainment businesses into multi-million dollar income generators p/year.


David does precisely what I’ve done for almost three decades–he creates massive crowds, conveys each companies message in simple memorable terms, and collects more leads then they ever imagined possible. He’s not only a master on the platform, but off as well–creating an intimate relationship that endures long-term.

Now For A Treat–My Amazing Friend In Action…

One of his dozens of insider trade secret techniques is revealed now for the first time–with David’s permission of course…


David’s background in the Magical Arts industry is extensive, not only in performing internationally, but in inventing, writing, consulting and as historian. David thoughtfully selects a famous illusion and has it built to exacting specifications to match the height and proportion of his daughter. After adding Micky Mouse or Winnie The Pooh to this visual equation–the result is a funny and loving outcome in the form of a Christmas card that arrives every year–the ONLY card we eagerly anticipate, as it is personal and unique. My wife and I also get to witness the growth of David’s daughter–it’s personal marketing executed with style and emotion. One of David’s long-term clients in the insurance industry recently remarked: “your card cost me over $500.00 every year…as I have to remove all your other cards for the last twelve years and have them all framed and mounted once again”. You’ll hear more about David’s extraordinary moves in the future…

Now it’s your turn!

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